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News The hardest job ever ?

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    What does it take to be White House Press Secretary ? The ability to dance well; to evade and dodge; to be able to decide when a quick little lie is the best way to go; when it's just safest to deny any knowledge?

    The latest http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2005/02/20050211-6.html [Broken] is a joke (not the only one, but they keep getting more and more pathetic). These briefings are really losing all semblance of their intended purpose.
    You think he'd have seen it before the next briefing ?

    Scottie must be confusing the word 'unique' with 'exactly similar to NK'. Or maybe they mean the same thing in Dubyatalk ?

    The Armstrong Williams briefing was funny too. I recall how Scottie insisted that neither he nor anyone else in the White House had any knowledge of the contract, yet they were sure that there was no one else on a similar contract. Funny and a lie. Two stars for that !!
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    Probably more important is the willingness to be the scapegoat. As long as the press secretary never admits to knowledge of anything, you can't accuse anyone else of not knowing because they can claim it was just the secretary who didn't know, and you're still no further along in finding out what's actually going on.
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    Does anyone know what happened to that RAT, Ari Fliescher?

    Now there was a press sec. that Bush&Co. adhored for his ham fisted handling of the press! :rofl:
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    Same thing that always happens to a former press secretary: $100,000 an hour on the lecture circuit.
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    So now he is a high priced hooker! :rofl:
    As usual, overpriced and overrated!

    I never realized hot air was so expensive, I guess I'm going to have to give up my ambition of being a dirigible mogul! :rofl:
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