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Homework Help: The helicopter in the train

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    Can someone help me out on this one ...

    A train is driving from one point to another at a constant speed.
    In the gangway of this closed train we let a RC-helicopter take off from the ground.

    What will happen with the helicopter, will he stay in the air near us or will he crash against the wall ?

    Can you also explain why ?
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    Oh come on. You know the answer to this.
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    Tell us what you think!
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    I think he will stay in the air.

    Why ? Don't know ... because he isn't slowed down ?
    First law of Newton ?
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    consider a similar situation:

    A train is motionless, however it's surroundings are moving backwards (relative to the train) at 40000 mph. If an R/C helicopter was to lift off inside the stationary train, what would happen to it? Doesn't seem very likely that it would crash in to anything now would it?

    Just remember that all reference frames are relative
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    When someone gets up into the aisle on an airplane, do they fly to the back? If you want to say they dont cause their feet are planted, do you think that your feet can resist a 500mph push?
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    What happens to the AIR in the train?
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    It's like saying, "If I'm in an airplane. Will I be smashed against the tail if I'm in the middle and jump up?"
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