The Hello Thread

  1. Well... PF 3 is here.
    (somewhat belatedly :wink:)
    So, what do people think? Who's back? Who's new?
    Announce yourselves here...
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  3. Hello hello. I'm back, sort of... I was alis before. :)
  4. drag

    drag 1,341
    Science Advisor

    Greetings !
  5. Back too.
    I guess most of the people that joined a lot will be back soon.
    BTW, what is the story of the new + in your nick FZ+ ?
  6. I'm Back. Been so busy with uni I had no idea we were changing.... Well I had an idea we were changing, just not so soon. :smile:
  7. Elvis has entered the building!
  8. Hmm... The +?
    Well, it philosophically places an undefined addition to my username, suggesting that the name is only a part of all the concepts it encompasses, and that what is significant is not the name itself, but that which surrounds it which is significant.
    Or, it suggests the eternally cumulative nature of scientific endeavor, suggesting that there exists always a plus for everything. Our sum of knowledge is never complete.
    Or, it suggests a wistful feeling at the inevitability of change, that to progress, we must improve. And hence, the uncertain plus implies the idea of sheer undirectly evolutionary energy that is present in life.

    Or maybe it's just because PF3 has an annoying thing about usernames under 3 letters. :wink:
  9. Greg Bernhardt

    Staff: Admin

    haha, being an admin, I think the reason the must be one of the first three.

    I like the plus however, shows evolution!
  10. LOL!!

    Well, Mentat's back. Please, keep the booing to a minimum.
  11. Rock on

    PHP rocks.

    This forum rocks.

    Ganshauk rocks...oh wait.. I'd hate to be immodest.

    Ganshauk rocks immodestly!

    I feel like I just got a new car and am still checking out all the killer gadgets on the dash. The only thing missing is that new-car-smell. Oh well, maybe PF 4.
  12. I love the new look. Great work on this Greg.

    Hello all. It's good to be back.
  13. Another God

    Another God 985
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    awww man... this brings back memories of when i came home from school in year 4, and my parents had moved interstate without telling me...

    Why do people keep moving and not telling me??!!!!


    (Of course I am still here)
  14. By the looks of it, I'm already late! LoL, good to see that pretty much everyone's still around, and I've only visited the Feedback Forum so far!
  15. LOL.
    So some day we will have FZ+++++ ?
    Ohh ... that is really sad (for the members with (Extremly) short nicknames
    Why such a policy is applied in your opinion (is it some kind of usefull ?)
  16. Hello

    HELLO ....

    The Site Is Cool ... Not Becuase Of The Look , But Becuase Of It's Poeple
    :wink: ....
  17. HEY EVERYONE!!!!! WELCOME TO PF 3!!!!!!!!!!

    hehehe I have wanted to do that for days!

    Well I dont know if i am going by Nicool002 anymore... as you can see I was under it but that was when PF 3 was on the test site and it wont allow me to login now that we are on the official site. But the mentors dont seem to be having any problems so I will see what Greg can do about it.
  18. LURCH

    LURCH 2,507
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    You rang?

    Originally attracted to a site I thought would contain discussion of Addams', a wayward wanderer discovers that discussing "atoms" can also be quite interesting.

    "I will follow this site 'round the Horn and 'round the Cape of Good Hope and 'round Perdition's flames before I give it up!!"

    This is sooo cool; people move their location, and I hunt them down. It's a lot like cyber-stalking!
  19. I will have to agree with Lurch! I will follow this site anywhere!!!!

    Some of the names have changed....but this place is still the same....AWESOME!!!!
  20. Hi all. I was Kerr_plunk, if that means anything.
  21. I LOVE PFS! Of course, I'm here (good ol' Majin!)!! Anyhow, this site, to my surprise is just like, where (yes I'm there too, with the same username). But better, because we've got the coolest, most intelligent dudes and duddets here.

    I, MajinVegeta, vow* not to ever leave PFs.
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