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News The Hicks Case

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    David Hicks has now been living 'in limbo' for close to four years (http://www.fairgofordavid.org/htmlfiles/media2005pt2/smhwebdiary23Jul05.htm) and, due to the Australian government's refusal to do anything about protecting its citizen's rights, he recently resorted to applying for British citizenship:
    David has, finally, been charged and a trial date set:
    However, one has to wonder what "an unprivileged belligerent" is, and the term "aiding the enemy" is pretty broad (as is the charge of "conspiracy"). Independent legal observer for the Law Council of Australia, Lex Lasry QC, also raised a number of concerns regarding the military tribunal procedures, eg. Lasry writes:
    Now *this* is something to worry about...
    Here are links to websites with more information about Hicks' detention: http://www.fairgofordavid.org/htmlfiles/main.htm and
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    Sounds like the Patriot Act. What about the right to a speedy trial (the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution) - nothing like that in Australia?
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    This isn't in Australia, though - and we have our very own version of the Patriot Act (well, soon - it's the "Anti-Terrorist Bill" at the moment, but the Howard Government is determined to pass it - complete with 'shoot-to-kill' provisions, before Christmas; excellent Christmas present, no?). David Hicks is an 'illegal combatant' who has been languishing in Guantanamo Bay for close on four years now; has this not been on US news? He is an Australian citizen, but unlike the British and Canadian governments who have intervened on behalf of their citizens, the Australian government has done nothing to ensure that his rights to a fair trial (or even to be charged with any crime) were met. I'm shocked that his case has not been on US news (but I guess I'm not surprised):frown:
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