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The Higher Sphere

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    Imagine for one moment that a bubble arises out of dirac's sea. This bubble is a summmation of brane worlds?

    This bubble encloses all possible dimensions? M stands for mother, and out of the waters of this world, the children(universes) are born? :smile:
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    I stumbled upon the words of Sakharov in relation to Dirac's Sea.

    For some of us who had gather at a earlier time, the effective electron-positron questions all of a sudden presenrted other solutions as to how we could percieve dynamical movement.

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    J. A. Schifflet has added a large cosmological constant representing ZPF to the unified field theory of Einstein and Schroedinger to get a consistent theory which in a suitable approximation yields correct electromagnetism and general relativity (it was the failure to do this which led the EUFT to be abandoned all those years ago). What the non-approximate theory (~nonperturbative) has in it is not yet known.

    (Added in edit) See also http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/gr-qc/pdf/0403/0403052.pdf [Broken] (PDF).
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