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The history of the chicken

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    I'm watching a show on PBS right now called "The History of the Chicken" and I'm pretty sure that the woman who loves her pet chicken is the craziest woman I've ever seen. Please, watch this show if possible and if you ever come across this woman slap her as hard as you possibly can. She's putting underwear on her rooster for god's sake.
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    ps. no cock jokes
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    Nevermind, every one of the people on this show is nuts. From the woman who gave mouth to beak to a frozen chicken to the man who is amazed by a chicken's cleverness.I can't watch this crap anymore. forget I ever said anything.
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    Wow. LOL

    Did anyone in the show comment on rainbows being visible in lawn sprinklers?
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    While some of them are surely kooks, chickens are really smart and have distinct personalities...
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    How far back are they going on the chicken history? To the Jurassic? They had some mighty big chickens.

    The presumption is that if you cooked up a T-Rex that it would taste like chicken. I wonder if that is the origin for modern enjoyment of the meat?
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