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News The Hitchens Galloway Debate

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    A very interesting debate covering most issues raised on this forum in relation to the Irag war.

    You can listen to the full debate here, http://kpftx.org/#galloway

    Here's an excerpt of their exchange Our coverage begins with Christopher Hitchens' condemnation of George Galloway's Senate testimony.

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    Haven't heard it yet, but it reads like fun.

    Who, in your opinion, won the debate?

    I suspect Galloway. Because he's Galloway and the other guy's Hitchens.
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    Americans are too isolated from world opinion, in large part due to our controlled media. It's good to see a program like that, and I wish there were more.
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    I agree, Galloway won handily despite what seemed a favourable audience for Hitchins.

    Hitchens is not a very good public speaker whereas Galloway is excellent also Hitchens arguments are seriously undermined by the fact he has done a major U turn from his anti-war stance in 1991 which Galloway constantly reminded him of which threw Hitchens onto the back foot trying to defend his earlier stance whilst supporting his conversion. In return Hitchens tried weakly and hence unsuccessfully to attack Galloway on the oil for food scandal.

    This is the first of a series of debates Galloway will be taking part in during this tour of the US and it will be interesting to see how he performs against a US opponent with good oratorial skills and a more consistant track record.
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    An excerpt from the Times Online
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