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The human antenna

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    i live in a hilly location where i have very difficult radio reception, so i am always futzing around with my little "active" antenna for FM radio (PBS). i notice that reception always improves as i move near the antenna (like within 3-5 feet is noticeable), and gets much better if i just touch the antenna box.

    what is it about the human body that would improve the antenna operation? and how can i make the stupid antenna work better without having to stand there touching it? other than installing some monstrous physical antenna on my roof, is there any other way to get decent FM reception in a poor location? thanks.
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    You are a large capacitor.
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    mommy! JD called me a big capacitor! make him take it back!!
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    Could you elaborate on how that improves signal reception?
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    What is your body-shape type? Are you pear, hourglass or parabolic-dish?
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    That's all I remember. Old radioheads call the effect "touch capacitance".

    You are a lot larger than that antenna, right?
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