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The Human Race

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    I've been doing alot of thinking lately about the world and the situation we are in. I do not know how bad racism and separation is around most the world, but I know it is quite alive here in america. We have so many groups that represent the many different people. You've got the NAACP, which has good motives. There are other such groups, foundations, scholarships and government programs to help "minoriteis". All of these programs have good intentions. This is not what I'm against.

    The problem I see, is that while all these groups are attempting to help, they are missing the key point. We are all equal. When you have a group that is setup specifically to help out a certain ethinicity, you separate that group of people. You put them in a different box so to speak. It is time for a group that represents all of mankind and a single race, and we drop these identity barriers that we ourselves create.

    It is impossible to help everyone, or is it. What if everyone on this forum did something to help a complete stranger, in dire need of help. What if the only thing you ask in return is for him to do the same.

    Somewhere, education needs to be stepped up to teach people more thoroughly that all people are the same. If anything, we all have that one thing in common. We must be taught to appreciate the differences of the individuals and communitys. Some of these groups have gone so far that there is almost a racism in and from, all directions. Almost as if we are unknowingly plotting a race war in years to come.

    Ignorance and stupidity is the key problem behind this. People are ignorant to the fact that we are all simply people. We did not ask for the body we were born in. I've often said Racism=Stupidity. Someone told me I should say ignorance instead. In this day and age, I stand strong to it equalling stupidity. The reason, is ignorance is usually defined as not knowing better or lacking education. Stupidity, in my mind, is knowing better, but choosing to do so anyways. Like the kid who touches the stove with the other hand after just getting burned, thats stupid.

    I really hope I do not offend with this subject, as it is near to me. I think that it is a major hurdle to us living in piece with one another. If we can not accept each and every individual for who they are, how could we ever accept a completly different society.

    I know for a fact that the way things are going now is not good. It does not offer improvement, but merely adds to the confusion. And while some of these groups have good intentions externally, I believe there are ulterior motives such as money, greed, and success that drive some. This is the problem, and maybe we can't do nothing about it.

    But don't you atleast think its worth trying?
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    I think that we will progress to a point where groups like the NAACP are no longer necessary. How long that will take, I do not know.

    I don't think that things like affirmative action help, though. They just create something else to fight about. Reverse discrimination is not the answer. Shouldn't we be giving everyone equal opportunity, instead of giving minorities special advantages?

    I agree that the educational system needs to be changed. We could use a little less math, english, and business, and a lot more reasoning and tolerance.

    Rest. In. Pieces! Ah ha ha ha ha
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    I like the title of your thread, "The Human Race". There are so many people who think that someone's color/ethnicity/nationality makes them of a different race. This is not so. There is one race of humans, something that "racists" seem to have forgotten.
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    I have stated over and over again, the place for all of this to start is with children. Unfortunately, to help teh children, you'll have to help their parents to a degree, and toomany people think helping adults is un-American. Better schools, insurance for EVERY child, and help so that their parents can support their education; that is where teh equality will be found.
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    An excellent notion. I agree entirely.
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    I also think that ALL children should go to public schools up to a certain grade. Interactions with all sorts of people in theh formative years would go a long way in everyone seeing each other as basically the same.
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    Up to what grade, exactly?
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    Woo. Was starting to get worried for a second I stepped on someones toe.

    Thanks for the thoughts. I've actually kinda had a bit of a change in plans as of recent, and I'd truly like to help combat some of the ugly things in our country and world.

    Very good point zero about public schools. You indeed are correct that it starts with the children. I do not think it matters much what the parents think, so long as the child is taught to think for him/herself. I've actually developed a philosphy of doing almost the exact opposite of my dads behavior and I am quite pleased with the results.

    I believe music is going along ways to help this battle. As Mike Shinota said "Bring the separation of style to a stop, its going down"

    Maybe if musicians and actors and others in the public eye can stress the point that we are all human, nothing more, nothing less, it would greatly speed up the trend.
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    I do agree with you that education is the key.
    As for stupid vs ignorant ... its probably a little of both. What most people need to understand and accept is that our human nature is terribly imperfect. While we do have some good stuff, we have an awful lot of bad stuff as well. Ethnocentrism, xenophobia, aggression, violence, deceipt. We all have these traits, some to a greater extent, some to a lesser extent. While that does not call for a passive acceptance, it does not call for labelling our innate traits as stupid either !

    - S.
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    Re: Re: The Human Race

    But stupidity is one of our innate traits.
  12. Apr 28, 2003 #11
    Many people never recognize this, unfortunately. I sum it up like so;

    All ‘clubs’ are antisocial.

    You can substitute ‘groups’ for ‘clubs’, or whatever suits your fancy. The bottom line is that it promotes an atmosphere of ‘us’ against ‘them’. I will remain quiet on whether this is really needed or not, being glad to see someone recognizes a problem. I will comment on the education issue only to point out the power of brainwashing the young, be it for good or for bad…
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    I dunno...10th grade?
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    Re: Re: Re: The Human Race

    Its not an instinct by itself. And in any case, you know the point I was trying to make. It makes no sense to label programs stupid or not stupid.

    - S.
  15. Apr 29, 2003 #14
    Did you ever hear of a movie called "Pay it Forward"? The movie was about a boy in school who came up with an idea to help people. For every favor done for you, you must not "repay" it, you must "pay it forward." This means you must help at least three other people by doing favors for them.

    You might get the idea that this movie was a happy, light, peice of fluff. It was definitely not that. The boy was killed in the end, but he was remembered for what he tried to do. It was based on a true story.

    We take risks when we help others, but in my opinion, helping others provides the true meaning of life.
  16. Apr 30, 2003 #15
    Groups like the NAACP, the ACLU, and movements such as affirmative action are there because there is inequality in the world, despite the fact that biologically, people are basically the same. These entities should be there until true equality is achieved. As a member of the largest minority group in the world (female!), I find that I deal with contention and inequality everyday. When I become equal to men in the eyes of society, then maybe programs like affirmative action won't be necessary. Until then, nobody has a right to say that these entities do not help. These entities help to balance out the inequal chances that minorities have been handed by society.
  17. Apr 30, 2003 #16
    Yes, we will. I said that I think that the need for them will one day not be there, not that they are worthless groups now. Of course, I don't agree with everything that the NAACP advocates, but that's another issue.

    Females aren't a minority. They're a majority.

    Yes, people do. It's protected by the first amendment. While you may not agree with them, they still have the right to say it.
  18. May 2, 2003 #17
    You don't understand the term "minority". In this context, it means a disadvantaged group. So, despite the fact that females make up a numerical majority on the planet, we are still a social minority. Please spare me the dictionary link.

    and just how and when will equality be achieved? It hasn't happended yet. In fact, many social trends today, particularly our backwoods president, point to a backlash against the civil rights movement of the 1960s. For more information on this point, read any book by Laura Nader, one of my personal heroes.
  19. May 2, 2003 #18
    Glam, I sense some hostility in your words. I think that we agree more than you think. I am glad that groups like the NAACP, NOW, etc. are here. I just think that in the future their goals will be accomplished and the need for them will disappear.

    Yes, the president is backwards. However, civil rights for minorities have been on an upward trend for some time. I think that we are in a general short-term regression, but the general trend over decades will continue to be in a positive direction. Although a lot of stuff going on right now concerning civil rights is very scary.
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