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The Huns

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    The origin of the Huns is a mystery and subject of much debate. They originated in the Steppes of Central Asia as did other groups. There is evidence that they are a Turkic or proto-Turkic group. The Chinese (Qin) referred to Hsiung-nu (Xiongnu), and some/many consider this an early reference to the group(s) subsequently known as the Huns. The Huns had an enormous impact on Eastern and Central Europe based on their invasion, establishment of an empire in the area of the Danube and Hungarian Plain, and military predation which pressured other ethnic groups to move west or submit. The Hunnic presence in Europe seems to have contributed significantly to the destabilization and decline of the Roman Empire.

    Here is one site on the Huns -

    The Bulgars (who settle in modern day Bulgaria) and Maygars (who settled in modern day Hungary) may be descended from the group lead by Attila.

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    Isn't Atilla the Hun the guy who ripped apart his enemies's hands??
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    Not sure, but if one crossed him, one's head was likely to turn up on a post. The warring tribes back then had rather nasty practices.
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    I was taught that all invasions from central Asia including Mongol and Khan were Turkic tribes seeking grasslands for their horses and other animals to graze. Hungary definitely descends from Huns, it is in their name and the same with Bulgaria.
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    Magyars are the ancestors of Hungarians, but certain the Huns settled on the Hungarian plane during the 5th cent. Bulgarians are related to Bulgars, but there are other ethnic tribes mixed in. The Goths/Scythians were settled there before the arrival of the Huns, and preceding the Huns were various groups including the Alans, Avars, Samartians (Persian speaking), . . . .

    The ancestry of the Huns is still up in the air. They could have Turkic orgins same or similar to Uighurs/Uyghurs, one of the Altai groups. There is a group call Hsiung-Nu (Xiongnu), which might be earlier Turkic group related to Huns. Then there is a possibility of origin from N or E Siberia.




    I'm still trying to sort out who, from where, and when.
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