The Hutchison Effect

  1. John Hutchison claims to have discovered the so called 'Hutchison effect'. And it seems he has alot of evidence to back this up, hours of video footage etc. Anybody have any thoughts on this ?
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  3. I'm too busy working on the 'BoulderHead' effect...

    This is where my feet are planted firmly on the ground...
  4. perhaps you could explain this effect?
  5. Here's an important question. Has any independent scientist in fact managed to duplicate this effect? Video tapes are one thing, but if this effect only appears to happen using his apparatus under his direction, suspicions are immediately raised.
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    Tesla coils, Van de Graff generators, a ship's control and steering wheel, results that cannot be duplicated... I bet he accepts donations.

    Don't believe it!

    If he really has anything, then nothing is stopping him from proving it...except him.
  8. Yes it really does look like a toy on a string (and im sure it is). This is strange because of the many hours of earlier footage where reasonably convincing see:

    EDIT: I find the entire scam if it is one pretty convincing with the exception of the obviously faked latest video footage maybe this is just a clever ploy invented for the conspiracy theorists?
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  9. Is someone going to answer this?
  10. Not until you first buy the one hr video for $12.00
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    He won't, um, er, um [can't] reproduce it in front of reliable witnesses. Trust me, my psychic told me this guy is a sham!
  12. Well for some unreasonable reason I still belive it but it does not matter because even he cant reproduce it.
  13. I e-mailed him and he responded. He didn't respond with much, I thought he would be interesting to talk to. I am pretty sure he just wants me to buy a video from him. His concepts are interesting though. I just don't want to buy a video.
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