The hyperstructure of the brain



"The hyperstructure of the brain"

I found this discussion on the community. It is very...different and I wanted to know what pf members thought about it. Believe me, its a very interesting idea: [Broken]
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Back in Descartes' day they didn't know much physics, just levers and pulleys on one side and pipes and siphons on the other, so he went along and described thought in the brain in terms of levers and pulleys and pipes and siphons. There are some cool old pictures of his ideas in history of science books.

After Newton they talked about force fields in the brain, after Priestly they talked (and Goethe wrote) about "elective affinities" i.e. valences, later it was electrical signals (well that one panned out) and when telephones came in it was switchboards. Then computers. See a pattern? whatever is the newest, neatest idea in that king of material science, physics, or in mechanistic techmnology, that is what people will be telling you is going on in your brain when you think. Black holes, anyone?

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