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The imagination thread

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    How good is your imagination, i seem to be able to picture a solution before
    i can verbalise it, (this is a clean thread), so do you see a solution in your mind, i mean (in pictures) or do you follow some logic ?
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    I see something resembling a montage of partial solutions, sketches, memories of similar situations, etc.. I generally then start transferring them onto paper. From that point on, it's back and forth between the images and the sketches, using logic to weed out the useless stuff. That's not an accurate description, but as close as I can get in print.
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    I tend to see the solution first, then work out the procedure that will get me there with the least fuss and expense. Often while working out the procedure or during implementation, improvements suggest themselves. I try to remain open to these throughout the process. Unless calculations are involved and I need to save the results, I usually do everything in my head - not on paper.
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    I definitely 'visualize' the physics before I do a problem.
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