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The importance of the title Mathematical Physics vs. Physics for grad school/jobs

  1. Jan 4, 2013 #1
    The importance of the title "Mathematical Physics" vs. "Physics" for grad school/jobs

    I've got another quick question for anyone that cares and knows how to help. As I've mentioned elsewhere, I'm a third year physics student, currently enrolled in the "regular", straight-up physics stream. However, since I've realized I don't want to go into the experimental side of physics, I am trying to avoid having to take a lab course. This isn't possible while staying in the stream I'm in right now, but due to my elective and other choices in regards to the mathematics courses I took thus far, I am still eligible to switch into Mathematical Physics. I've looked at the requirements and the courses I'd now need to take when compared to the ones I'd need to take if I stayed in the regular stream are basically the ones I would use up my electives on any way. Thus, the only qualitative change arising from switching the programs would be that I would be able to avoid that final lab course, and could take another course, say, biophysics or a maths course, instead.

    My concern, however, is what impact would this have in regards to my going to grad school or looking for jobs? As far as grad school is concerned, I would assume it wouldn't have much of an impact due to the importance of actual classes I took and not the name on my degree, but what jobs? Does "Physics" look better than "Mathematical Physics" in certain cases? If so, when would that be? Any other advice in regards to this switch would also be appreciated.

    edit: Hmm, on second though, perhaps this should be moved to career guidance.
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