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The Important examination

  1. Oct 11, 2004 #1
    You see, I live in Iran. Here there is a national exam taken every year. Every summer 400,000 high school graduated students take part in the exam.
    The result is important for us. Why ? Because if your rank be between 1 and 200, you can study Electronics at the best university in Iran. If it be between 200 and 400, you can study Aerospace at the best university. And so on. and if yours be more than 30,000 you can't go to university at all. So you could study one more year to prepare for the next year exam or give up education.
    I want to study Aerospace at the best university, so I must be between the first and 400th person in the exam.
    Why am I telling you these words?
    In the quizzes section there is a new quiz, titled " 20 Calculus problems".
    These problems are the national exam's Calculus problems.
    Please take the quiz. And tell me if you found something which can be useful for me.
    There is about 8 month to the exam which might change my life.
    You can imagine that in 8 months you are going to take such a test, what will you do?
    Any advice, about the books I could read or the sections in calculus I must read more and about anything you think might be useful , will be appreciated.

    Thanks a lot.
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