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The Inertia of Stress

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    Hi folks

    In the past I mentioned how the stress exerted on a body can alter its inertial mass. The following article does a great job at describing all of this. See

    The inertia of stress, Rodrigo Medina, Am. J. Phys. 74(11), November 2006. The abstract reads
    Other, newer texts, such as Schutz's "Gravity from the Ground Up" discusses this too. I've uploaded the Medina article for your review. The URL is


    This is a temporary file and will be deleted when I have some level of confidence that it won't be read after a certain point in time at which
    I'll then delete the paper from my website.

    It's an interesting topic. I'd love to hear from those of who have some understanding of the initial research that went behind it. Einstein first touched on this in an article he wrote in 1907.

    Best regards

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