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A The infinite momentum frame

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    Let x+ and x- be the light cone coordinates x + t and x - t. The coordinate x- = log x+. The equations dx- = dx-/x+ and x+ = x+ dx- are like ds = dQ/T and dE = p dV.

    d- = d- dx+

    D- = d- + d- dx+

    In mechanics we have L = T - V, where L = L dt. This is a complex differential form just like x+ = x+ dx- and d- = d- dx+.

    Has anyone seen D- = d- + d- dx+?
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    Maybe you should give a bit more context or references to get some replies here. I personally don't really have a clue what you're asking precisely. Why e.g.
    your relation between x+ and x- ?
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    I will post more later. for now, there are two extra equations of the same type as L = L dt

    x = x dE

    D = i dt
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    Again, I have no clue what you're referring to. If you want people to respond, you should be clear about what you're asking.
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    Seconded. Ddddx, please post provide some context to the question, general equations, and your thinking behind this. In short, explain what you're talking about in more detail please.
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    This thread is closed. The OP needs to not only explain, but also provide a reference. This seems like personal speculation.
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