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The Internet Security Law

  1. Apr 30, 2006 #1
    :rolleyes: I decided to publish that because Internet is thought to have caused many problems. So read this article to stop having problems!!!:tongue2:
    :mad: The fact is that hackers can access a PC into 15 sec and a server of a site in only 3 min:devil:

    1)Use the netstat
    In the DOS console write netstat -a or -AN or -n. For a complete list type netstat -?
    2)Do not give your personal datas
    Always give fake names or nicknames. Do not give your real adresses or telephones but more importantly your credit card number. Give them only to trusted sites. Hackers and crackers can easily hijack your numbers
    3)Use spam filters
    Good spam filters can help you in many situations, because hackers can do everything!!!
    4)HAardware firewalls are allways better!!!
    Although most people use software firewalls the best(and the more expensive) are the hardware firewalls.
    5)Hide your IP address...
    ...using Steganos Internet Anonym or something like that.
    Do not use your birth date as a password to be easily remembered
    And of course don't use a 3 or a 4-digited password because THEY can find it in half minute!!!
    7)Win and programs Update
    Update your Windows and your programs(especially the anti-virus) regularly, because they have less bugs.
    8)Read computer magazines...
    ...to learn the latest news in technology and security.
    9)Use a good browser...
    ...like Firefox or Opera.
    The best security suites: The best firewalls: The best Anti-viruses:
    Zone Alarm Zone Alarm Nod32
    Norton Sygate Zone Alarm
    Panda Norton
    These 10 advices must follow your :bugeye: till the end of your lives!!!:eek: :cool:

    For security and not only visit:http://www.system7.org" [Broken]
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