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The Intersect Computer

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    On NBC's hit series Chuck they have a fictional super computer called the intersect put into his brain. Now when seeing intel in this computer his mind automatically recalls the subliminal information he has retained.


    Do any of you believe such a computer could be created? Can the mind actually do such things? If you believe so, how would you go about constructing such a device?

    Just for fun :)
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    The Donald Hebbs Law says when you repeat synaptic firing, you strengthen the synaptic link, which then becomes identifiable. It will stand out from the crowd both in amplitude and in time.

    Many of the neurons in a local system act to inhibit, some to excite but there is a central neuron which, when fired, will create a cascade of subordinate neurons and activate the local system which might be a memory/action.

    Two different focused frequencies will, at the focal point, reinforce one another and create an abnormal local energy surge, thereby opening calcium channels, firing a master neuron, causing a thought.

    The difficulty is in identifying the master neuron but, given nanotechnology, it is only difficult.
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