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The Iron inside a cell pulls and holds on to the oxygen

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    Now for another question on the same subject You all know how in the human body the oxygen binds to the iron compound inside the hemoglobin. and that carbon monoxide has a 200 to 1 affinity to oxygen within the hemoglobin. But anyway my question is if The Iron inside a cell pulls and holds on to the oxygen bubles inside the hemoglobin. Then is it possible to take Iron maybe supermagnetic Iron using possibly zpe's and pull the oxygen off of the hydrogen and trap the hydrogen in one container and the oxygen in another container. for later usage of hydrogen as fuel.
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    Fromfirey: "zpe's"?

    I do not think even supermagnetism would be enough to pull water molecules apart, never mind getting the parts into the proper containers. Also, I think you get H and OH parts, not H, H, and O parts, if I understand your writing.

    Besides, if one could generate a powerful enough magnetic field, I would think fusion is a better use.
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    The meaning I gave to zpe was zero potential energy thats for making the magnet, that is if it is available in our technology yet. I see thank you, Out and beyond what I don't understand and something I will be doing research on is in the human body --the lungs while humans are fetuses in the wound, there is amniotic fluid in the lungs of the fetus that I believe, don't quote me on this one, if the child is able to obtain nutrients and breakdown the substance it would be interesting to find out the chemical composition of amniotic fluid down to the detail and better understand how if they do break down the fluids in the lungs for some oxygen and what about the other properties in the amniotic fluid. From what I understand the amniotic fluid is composed of the fetuses urine-dont quote me on this one either if so is there nitrogen in the fetuses or Hydrogen in the childs urine? Its kind of complicated. THe air that we breathe in contains 78% nitrogen, oxygen is about 21% and carbon dioxide plus traces of argon, helium and other rare gasses about 1%, carbon dioxide is less than 1%. If the human body can manipulate these elements there has to be a way for us to manipulate them on the outside using similar technologies.
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    The fetus receives oxygen and nutrition from the mother via the umbilical cord.

    - Warren
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    Yes your right I had myself backwards there the amniotic fluid- during the pregnancy the fetus adds to the volume of the amniotic fluid with urine and lung secretions.
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