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The irony

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    Please look at the right under the More News column.
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    Woah, TO suspended for the whole season, thanks for the link! :smile:

    I was actually reading about this in a psychology book I bought a few weeks ago. It states that a good persuader must stay consistent no matter how wrong s/he is.

    I am not a supporter of Bush, and I am unsure of how these people were tortured, but I don't consider torture to be a big issue.
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    Aaah.. I should have taken a screenshot, they update it too soon. But, it was just two consecutive links that went something like this.

    Bush: We do not torture
    Five U.S. soldiers charged with detainee abuse
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    Ahh ok, that makes sense :rofl:
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    You said "irony" so I was sure you meant this one:

    " Actress breaks arm singing 'Accident waiting to happen'"
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    That's what I thought too Zoob.
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    lol, I didn't even notice that one. That one's even better.
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