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The JaCory Heisman award.

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    Incase you haven't heard, Miami's new quarterback Jacory Harris is a new breed of phenom, and the likes of which will never be matched or beaten.

    Clearly he was robbed of a Heisman trophy last year just because he basically lost a popularity contest to Mark Ingram and Tim Tebow, but when he wins it this year and the next two after, he will be the player with the most Heisman trophies in history, which should mean that the NCAA has to rename the Heisman award to either the "Jacory Heisman Award", the "Harris Award," or the "**** you Terrelle Pryor you'll never be as good as Jacory no matter how much you beat us by! Go CANES!!... award"

    Is this true?
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    I'll have what he's having. ^
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    Yes, because 1 TD and 4 interceptions against Div 1A opponents this year clearly screams Heisman.
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    This year and the next two after? Isn't this his third season already?

    Also, I can't help but observe that you're a member of this remarkable class of football fan who cares more about how good their quarterback is than how good their football team is. I don't get it
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    No, it is not true.

    I take it you haven't heard of Taylor Martinez, the Nebraska Cornhusker's quarterback.

    Too bad the BCS Championship game isn't in the Orange Bowl and too bad Miami has no chance of playing in it even if it were. A repeat of the 1995 Orange Bowl would be great!
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