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The Jefferson Forum

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    How about a forum called the Jefferson Forum for un-moderated, rule free, discussion of any topic science and not science.
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    There are numerous forums outside of PF that might fit the bill.

    PF has certain standards, and such a forum is incompatible with PF's mission to promote the scientific method and science-based discussion.
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    OK, I can understand that you want this. But most of the members do not. We have very strict rules because we want to keep the nonsense out of here. If we would allow all the nonsense in here, then the forums will be empty before you know it.

    We have many very smart and qualified people here. These people are only here because we have no-nonsense rules. Otherwise, they will find another forum.

    There are some forums out there which are what you want. But this forum is not it.
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    Physics Forums is a great website for the discussion and teaching of science, one of the main reasons it is so good is because of the rules and moderation we have (not to mention the excellent host of members at this site). The lounge provides members with a few places to casually chat about other things but still within the confines of rules.

    An "anything goes" thread would, in my opinion, massively detract from what makes this site what it is. It would be a breeding ground for crackpot discussions that would seep into the other forums. There are plenty of other free-for-all forums on the internet, if someone wants that I would advise them to seek it elsewhere.
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    I'm really not sure about anything behind this. Why make an un-moderated forum on one of the most tightly moderated forums on the web (and rightly so)? Why call it the Jefferson Forum? I mean really, why even bother?
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    This topic has been discussed to death in other threads.
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