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The Joy of Spam Mail

  1. Dec 9, 2004 #1
    I have to always scan my bulk mail box because occasionally important emails from the university get dropped in there.

    Today as I'm scanning i found something that was just utterly priceless:


    Opposite ends of the keyboard. There isn't even an 'o' in amateur. Not to mention that gem of sentence construction.

    I laughed very heartily at that. I guess porn really does rot your brain.
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    You're definitely easily amused. When I used to ocassionally read my spam as a form of entertainment, ALL of it contained mispellings and grammatical errors. Generally, it was written as if a toddler who speaks English as a second language had gotten ahold of the keyboard...a very foul-mouthed toddler. :rofl:
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    Most relay attempts I receieve are from Asian addresses. It seems this assumption is correct in that whoever this foddler is, English is defintely a second language to them.
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