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News The Kebnekaise disaster.

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    On Thursday, a military Norwegian Hercules airplane suddenly disappeared from the radars at 14.56 local time, in the "Kebnekaise" region in Nothern sweden.

    Kebnekaise is Sweden's highest mountain and is as far as you can possibly get from "civilization" in these modern days.
    The last radio messages were urgent help messages of disorientation and critical height loss, and rescue teams were swiftly organized,.
    However, for two days, fierce storms and snowfall have reigned, and this has severely dampened our spirit of finding any of the 5 crew members alive.

    Today, it has been announced that wreckages of the airplane has been found, and more ominously, the rescue teams could clearly see what must have been the point of impact at the western wall of Kebnekaise herself.
    In high speed, the plane has crashed into the mountain wall, and in all probability, body parts will be as scattered as pieces of the airplane.
    None, as yet, have been confirmed found.

    As a nation, we can only take comfort in that their deaths came as swiftly and painfree as it could possibly come, although this on its own cannot assuage the pain in the hearts of those bereaved.

    Let them be remembered in peace, and gratefulness for their many years of service for Norway.
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    As feared, at the press conference at 1900 local time, it was confirmed that a multitude of human body parts have been found. Thus, the "rescue" mission has been officially closed, the body parts are being brought to forensic laboratories for identification, and a standard wreckage commission in order to determine the cause and finding all relevant pieces of the mess has been established.

    Our deceased officers are:
    Ståle Garberg (42)
    Truls Ørpen (46)
    Siw Robertsen (45) (the only female crew member)
    Bjørn Haug (40)
    Steinar Utne (35)

    May your bereaved ones take comfort in your swift, painless passing, and find gratitude for what you meant to them.

    This is, of course, a typical run-of-the-mill local national tragedy that every nation suffers 13 on the dozen of. It still remains, though, 5 irreplaceable human lives lost to our world..
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    I send my condolences to the families and loved ones of each of the five officers lost in the terrible accident. May their souls rest in peace, and may their families recover as soon as possible.

    Robert Yassanye
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