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The Kilogram in France?

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    Some sources say it's held in a double-bell jar while others say it's a triple-bell jar. What's the scoop?
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    There is a photo on the BIPM website, so see for yourself:approve:

    http://www.bipm.org/en/scientific/mass/pictures_mass/prototype.html [Broken]
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    But in the third edition of Halliday and Resnick it shows a picture of it in what appears to be a double bell jar.

    So is there some history I'm missing? Was it originally in a double bell jar and then another bell jar added later?

    Or maybe the outer "bell jar" isn't considered by some to be a true bell jar (since it doesn't have a knob at the top), and the Halliday and Resnick photo was zoomed in to take a picture of just the inner two jars?
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    Free the kilogram! Free the kilogram!!!11!!
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