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The Kindness of Strangers

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    I got this from the thread about Gale17 getting her first job.

    Reading this makes me think of the time i was on a plane from Omaha to Orlando... This male stuartist with a persian accent noticed that i was working on my astronomy homework and he stopped and chatted with me for a while about school and where i was going and then about 10 minutes later he brought me a newspaper clipping of the stars and constellations that could be seem from the plane that night.

    Just one of those nice gestures that will stick with me the rest of my life...

    I would like to hear other peoples stories of witnessing the kindness of strangers.
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    ok. me arrive in brussel at midnight. catch the last train to Leuven. didn't have any arrangement to sleep for the night as my wonderfull (it really is) university doesn't take care of that and it's impossible to do it yourself from 2000 km away. so I ask this guy in the station if I got to the right train, we start chatting and when we arrive he offers to let me sleep on his couch for that night so I don't get to read magazines in the train station or worse, at the police station.

    thanks alexander.

    don't think he'll read this, he's a first year economics student.
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    jimmy p

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    Strangers always have the best sweets...
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