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The kinetic energy of particles increase and they move fast.

  1. Mar 21, 2012 #1
    im really confused about the exact heat transfer mechanism of the phenomenon i observed
    the situations simple: if you immerse a red hot wire into water with small particles floating on the surface, the particles move really fast.

    at first, i thought it could be explained simply by the kinetic theory of matter.
    the kinetic energy of particles increase and they move fast.

    1. but, after thinking more deeply about im not so sure how exactly the heat is transferred.
    conduction doesnt seem like it since conduction applies to "solids" or "stationary liquid".
    but in this case, the water molecules move very fast as well.
    so, if that's the case, it seems like a "bulk motion", so does that mean this is a case of convection???

    2. also, thinking about the very moment that the water molecule hits the wire and bounces off.... by how much does the kinetic energy of the water molecule increase? is it possible to calculate?

    3. i used the glitter as the particles in my experiment, which is relatively large.
    so, can i still think of it as brownian motion? can i think of the particles suspended in the liquid and therefore in thermal equilibrium with the water molecules??
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