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The Landau series

  1. Mar 3, 2004 #1

    I recently ordered "Mechanics", by Landau. It was recommened by my Classical Mechanics professor, and I was wondering whether any of you had experience with it.

    As a second question, what are the other books in the series like? I'm particulary interested in the volumes on QM en fields, so any feedback would be welcome.
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    I've read several chapters of "mechanics","field theory" and "QM non-rel".I really love Landau's way----showing you the most fundamental ideas in the first place then deriving everything from them.
    I often get puzzled when he says"It can be seen easily that...",but I learn a lot when I finally find out why it is "easy".
    In my point of view,"mechanics" and "field theory" are better than "QM",I think dau's way is more suitable to present the well developed theories.Some people say "Statistical Physics" is the best in the series,but I've read it.
    Anyway,enjoy them!
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