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The Landau series

  1. Mar 6, 2004 #1
    I posted this in the Classical Physics subforum, but as few people actually visit that I'll repost it here.

    I recently ordered "Mechanics", by Landau. It was recommened by my Classical Mechanics professor, and I was wondering whether any of you had experience with it.

    As a second question, what are the other books in the series like? I'm particulary interested in the volumes on QM en fields, so any feedback would be welcome.
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    These are the best books you will find. They contain wonderful physics and extremely deep insights. However, usually they are too condensed and difficult for the introduction to the subject. You can read them over and over again and they are a very good reference. Statistical physics, Quantum mechanics and Theory of Fields are really great. Most of the books were not written by Landau, though.
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