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The last sanctioned exorcism

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    Ivan Seeking

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    http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=10421201&BRD=2554&PAG=461&dept_id=507134&rfi=6 [Broken]
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    i had a possession experience of my own and subsequently a psychologist called it a form of self-hypnosis.
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    I have a question. Sanctioned by whom? IIRC every parish priest in the Catholic Church has the power to perform exorcisms, and they do it with the permission of their Bishop. They are not unheard of in the USA. Maybe this was the last one sanctioned in England? Or maybe the writer didn't know which end is up?
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    selfAdjoint: Yes, I was confused on that too.
    phoenixthoth: Do you mind telling us how you managed to hypnotize yourself like that? That's like looking at your own eye or clapping with three hands or something similarly weird.
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    i didn't hypnotize myself as far as i knew. they just said that's what it was, a self-hynotic state, without explaining to me how i hypnotized myself. what i find strangely amusing is that the being's name was jonathan. weird...
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    Oo! I want to hear more, send me a PM if you prefer.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    You seem to be correct.

    There are several kinds of exorcisms. Perhaps the casting out of demons is rare compared to the other forms.
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    no, that's cool, i'll write about it here. i'm not afraid of people telling me that what happened to me didn't happen. all such lines of reasoning are quite predictable and i've been through it already.

    to make a long story short, there were times (from an hour to a few hours) that i have no memory of and my friends reported to me that i was talking a lot for the whole time and that i said my name was jonathan. then i guess i "woke up" or "snapped out of it" and they were talking to me as if i was still jonathan and i was like, "what are you guys talking about?" from my perspective the topic of conversation suddenly underwent a radical change.

    of course a good question is "were they pulling your chain?" well, one time, the last time, that i "snapped out of it," i was lying on the ground face up with my brother's hands on my face and his face was right up against mine and it was shaking and he was trying to make me snap out of it. of course, he could have been pulling my chain then, too, but it's hard to be convinced of that by the expression on his face not to mention his past history with me and the fact that i didn't remember how i got on the ground.

    do i believe i was "possessed" by a "demon" or "spirit?" i really have no idea but i doubt it. luckily, no permanent damage was done nor any actions taken that would have been damaging to others.
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