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The law of greed->

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    I'm sure that you're all familiar with the law of greed cause it's a part of the humman nature but I'll say it any way:
    "The one that has more tends to have even more and he usually gets it". I wonder if there is an equivalent law to the law of greed in the domains of physics or if it applies in the same form? I'm sure that there is an oposite equivalent law and it's the 2nd principle of termodynamics, according to which:
    "The object that has less heat cannot spontaneously give it away to an object with more heat"
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    Heat spontaneously moves toward less heat; therefore, that which has more will have less. Which would be the opposite of what you stated.

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    Perhaps it could have something to do with an unstable state? It gets more unstable and more unstable until it finaly collapses, the engergy being distributed in several parts that our produced from the collapse?
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    you lost me

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    I was only observing that an unstable thing (atom, particle, etc) behaves in sort of that way (The one that has more tends to have even more and he usually gets it). It becomes more and more unstable, its energy being released more and more chaoticly and powerfully, untill eventually it collapses.

    A spinning top for instance- its wobbles continue to get bigger and more common, bigger and more common, bigger and more common, untill finally it reaches the point where it can no longer function and it falls. This is similar to someone with a lot of things (energy) getting more and more (the chaotic realization of the energy).
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