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The Law of the conservation of Time as TOE.

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    The Law of conservation of Time as TOE.

    The known laws of conservation, such as the law of conservation of pulse, the law of conservation of mass, the law of conservation of energy .. are the special cases of an one general law.
    This the law can be used as applied to any object from the atom before universe, including alive world in all its manifestations. It explains an all well studied and studied in part phenomena and can predict a behavior of the object in any situations. Any of known and unknown yet a force and field exists as compensating in the main process of the conservation of Time Cycle of any object. In effect of its versatility, it is possible to consider the LOW of CONSERVATION of TIME CYCLE as the THEORY of EVERYTHING. It does not contradict the existing scientific presentations and is confirmed by an all accumulated experience of mankind.
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    There are a following levels of preservation of TIME CYCLES (TC):

    1. A level of preservation TC of the universe.
    Preservation of the universe as the whole is provided with gravitation force.
    Thus, for preservation of system and prevention of a collapse, a force of an attraction should be compensated by the some other force (III N). This force is centrifugal force. For this reason all objects of the universe rotates. Observable locally expansion of space, explosion of supernova, a collapse of star … are ways of preservation of dynamic balance of system. It is similar to procedure of balancing of a disk when in the some points someone adds a cargo, but in the others drills the aperture (a black hole).

    2. A level of preservation TC of objects.
    Preservation of object as the whole is provided electromagnetic
    force. This force provides internal structure of object and is shown, when external influence changes this structure. Then the object has the more precise structure,for example crystal, this a force is more. EM force is intended for preservation and restoration of this structure.
    Let's note, that gravitational force and EM force are directed “from object to object” and are realized through the channel of interaction. They do not exist as a field.

    3. A level of preservation TC of information structure.
    Preservation of information structure of substance, which refers to as a nucleus of atom, is provided by the strong force. As the nucleus stores specific features of each element i.e. the information on an element, it is provided with the most reliable protection. This information is a part of an information field named a fine structure of universe. The influence overcoming the strong force, results in destructive consequences which we count as process of output of energy. Strong force keeps also an information field of alive objects. Therefore external influence dumping value of counter TC in a zero, i.e. resulting to destruction of alive essences (murder), on the negative consequences is equivalent to explosion of a nuclear bomb. Unfortunately, not for all it is given to see. A precept "do not kill" is created not at a household level. As well as other precepts, this one is the strict and direct instruction on the part of an information field, which people named the “God” .
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    I expect a feedback.
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    Perhaps could help if you could explain better what's a time cycle
    You say that time cycle is time of existence. What do you mean exactly when you say "existence"? If you have a paper and rip it in two parts, then the paper doesn't exist anymore (it's the end of its time cycle)?
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    Hi meteor.
    TC or time of existence of object this quantity of time which is established in its counter of time from the moment of "birth". Further this counter works on subtraction.
    You will not deny, that each object has a deadline of "operation" peculiar to it. In your example the sheet of a paper could exist 1000 years, for example. When you rip it on two parts, then TC of object (a sheet of a paper) has interrupted and TC of two pieces of a paper began. External influence can as to interrupt TC (to dump the counter in a zero), and to reduce it by some quantity. If the same sheet of a paper lays in a wet place soon it will become covered by a mould and will undergo to decomposition.
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    You should consider that in special relativity there's no such a thing as absolute time. Every object of the universe has its own time, then there makes no sense to talk about the conservation of time
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    I never spoke, that time exists as a field or the general stream. I always speak, that time exists as TC, peculiar to each object. Nevertheless TCs of an all objects are synchronized by minimal TC of universe which corresponds to Plank time (sync signal).
    It is my point. Check up all mine topic’s please.
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    Tom Mattson

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    Furthermore, in quantum mechanics there is no operator for time, and yet conserved quantites must be expressible as operators that commute with the Hamiltonian.

    And even further, Noether's theorem states that conserved quantities correspond to invariance of a Lagrangian under transformations of generalized coordinates.

    Invariance under dt-->Conservation of E
    Invariance under dx-->Conservation of p
    Invariance under dθ;-->Conservation of L

    Talking about the conservation of time makes no more sense than talking about the conservation of space or of angular displacement.

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    Probably it is one of lacks of QM. Your post proves my correctness. It is directed on preservation TC of object which you have defined as “ Super Mentor ” as well as of QM. Contrary to my attempt to prove a new theory. In wildlife it refers to an instinct of self-preservation . Is not?. Please don’t take offence. This is not personally. The example only.
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    Tom Mattson

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    No, actually it proves your incorrectness. You said:

    It does not contradict the existing scientific presentations...

    And I showed you why that is wrong.

    I did not see any attempt to prove a new theory. I just saw many incoherent statements regarding this "TC" of yours. Also, completely absent from the discussion was any treatment of the small problem of not being able to go backwards in time! After all, a conservation law such as the established ones (energy, mass, momentum, etc...) requires that positive changes in quantities be counterbalanced by corresponding negative changes elsewhere. For instance, if some system gains an amount of energy ΔE, then some other system has suffered a net energy change of precisely -ΔE. To do the same with time implies that the arrow of time is reversed for some systems.

    I don't know what you have in mind here, but what I am doing here is not an exercise in the preservation of myself, but rather an exercise in the education of others (namely, you).
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    Time Cycles is the invention of the nature, not of mine. I only have seen it. It is possible to give uncountable set of examples TCs of objects. Destruction of object ( or a death) finishes this cycle. There is no general field or a stream of time. Time is not continuous. Internal clock of each object discretely count its time in the opposite direction to zero (from a birth to death.). Thus all a clocks are synchronized. This synchronization provides interaction of objects. Interaction can reduce or increase a current value of TC in a range from zero up to initial value TCi at the limit. It does not mean a change of the direction of events i.e. the travel to the past or to the future of object, but change of current value TC only. As these facts does not contradict an experience, and any theory of time is absent in general, I think, that my theory does not contradict existing presentations. It supplements and develops them.
    Really, there is no sense to speak about preservation of the simply “time”, since such phenomenon in the nature is absent. However the concept of preservation TC of any object has fundamental value. It defines the reason of existence of the all forces and phenomena. Each of alive objects uses each moment of existence for self-preservation. It can occur as not realized ( a breath, a feeding, muscular exercises …) as well as realized (education, a choice of a sphere of activity, a choice of a residence, improving procedures …). That fact, that alive object cannot exist in the full isolation, serves as the serious reason for such conclusion concerning all objects.
    How an interaction of objects occurs as interaction of their TCs, I’ll show in the separate section.
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