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Homework Help: The laws of Electromagnetic Induction

  1. Apr 4, 2007 #1
    Aim: to test the Faraday relationship: induced e.m.f. equals the rate of change of magnetic flux linkage

    flux linkage = NBA
    N=number of turns in coil
    B=magnetic flux density
    A=area of the coil

    To investigate the relationship above first i must have two quantities constant while the thired is varied.

    from what i understand i should keep t constant and vary the rest and plot e.m.f vs N
    then keep N constant and vary the rest and plot e.m.f vs I both of these graphs i think should give a staight line.

    apparatus used would be: pair of solenoids of square cross-section; one has twice the area of the other
    signal generator: use the low impedance output and set the frequency on the 100 Hz to 1000Hz range.
    Cathode ray oscilloscope for measuring the peak induced voltage.

    magnetic flux linkage = NBA
    e.m.f= NA dB/dt
    but dB/dt is porportinal to I and I is proportional to f
    therefore e.m.f = NAf

    i'm lost up to this point if i do all of this, what can i conclude anout the Faraday relationship.what other readings must i take etc.. please help:confused:

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