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Homework Help: The laws of motion

  1. Nov 30, 2007 #1
    A traffic light weighing 122 N hangs from a cable tied to two other cables fastened to a support, the upper cable makes an angle of 37.0 and 53.0 with the horizontal. these upper cables are not as strong as the vertical cable and will break if the tension in them exceeds 100 N. will the traffic light remain hanging in this situation, or will one of the cables break ?

    The attempt at a solution :
    i thought that T3=T2+T1=mg
    and T2 cos 53 + T2 sin53 + T1 cos 37 + T1 sin 37 = 1195.6

    is that correct so far ??
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    the system must balance itself if it is stable. horizontal and vertical components of everything adds to zero respectively. so you need to work out for each cable the horizontal and vertical component of force on them then vector sum them to see whether the magnitude is bigger than 100N or not. that's the strategy
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