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The likelihood of polyverses

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    There are likely to be infinite, or at least countless universes out there. We haven't seen them because any signs of their existence, such as wavelengths along the EMS, may very well take trillions of years go get here, and also may very well be too faint to detect from the astronomical (excuse the pun) distances away.

    From a historical standpoint, most cultures believed that they were the center of the earth, i.e., the mediterranean was once believed to be all that was. Then it was earth with the heavens around it, then our solar system, our galaxy, etc. Based on cultural logic, we are, more than likely, incorrect about assuming that ours is the only universe, that aliens don't exist, and that socks disappear into a 'sock abyss'.
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    I would say that one cannot claim it is likely at all, as we have no knowledge of other universes, or even the possibility of their existence.

    Irrelevant. We do not do science based on "cultural logic", whatever that is. We base it on empirical evidence, of which there is absolutely none for other universes. Realize that we don't just "assume" that there is only one universe. We simply cannot say that there is anything more than 1 universe due to lack of evidence as, again, science is based on evidence, not what you or I think is logical and probable or not. Even if we find evidence for multiple universes in the future, we are not "wrong" with our current view, as nothing anywhere in science says that there is ONLY one universe. (Although the formal definition is usually taken to be "all that exists", so there cannot be more than one by that meaning)
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    As of today it is pure guesswork, IMO.

    I kind of like the sock abyss concept though. It's about time someone put that to a rigorous test.
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