The limit of our knowledge

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Im new on this forum. I hope that this is where this discussion belong.

On my time off work, I take my mind off it by looking for basic information on a certain subject. Lately it's been science (specifically astronomy). As I search for answers, it's come to my attention that we have limited knowledge in our understanding of our universe and how it works.

Realizing this I've begun to wonder if there's no limit to our intelligence or if there will ever be a time that we just won't understand certain phenomena. Obviously there will be things that won't get answered in our lifetime, but we make some progress then someone else carries on.

What do you guys think?
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It's good to place-hold "knowledge" in some mailable/palpable form; such as language. If you warrant that, then you can possibly accept the notion that, 'The limits of your language mean the limits of your world.'
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