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The list of Must-Read Science Books Plz suggest

  1. Aug 25, 2008 #1
    The list of **"Must-Read" Science Books**.... Plz suggest

    Hi all. I am a first semester engineering student in India. I wish to know about the best books there are in science [especially physics]. I am reading Feynmann lectures and erwin kreyszig- advanced engineering mathematics right now. The other books that i am reading are of Indian authors. Please suggest the best that you have come across. It wud be appreciated if they are related to engineering or modern physics.

    Thank you.
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    Re: The list of **"Must-Read" Science Books**.... Plz suggest

    Your question is kinda general since I don't know what kind of engineering you do.
    For mechanical there are a couple of good thermo fluids books:

    Fundamental of heat and mass transfer
    , Incropera et al.
    Thermodynamics, Cengel & Boles

    These books are the result of many revisions and are easy to read and give you the fundamental in the topic

    I also really like John, D Anderson's aerodynamics book.

    If you want to be an electrical engineer these wont help you out too much.
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    Thanks for replying. I am an Industrial Engg. student which is allied to mechanical.
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