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The Little Lizard poem

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    I thought there should be a dedicated thread on the little lizard poem where people can continue adding lines to this poem, and we will have a big and complete poem in the end!
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    In Annie's dreams where lizards leap and time is never spent.
    Where bluebirds fly but yet not I, as long as I'm still Clark Kent.
    I'd better go in disguise or become a picnic treat.
    In Annie's dreams where lizards leap and there's plenty of honey to eat.
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    Filthy, dirty smut. Give us another verse, Jimmy.
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    Annie's a dreamer as Jimmy said,
    But there's a screw loose somewhere in her head.
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    Annie thing went all over my head,
    sure she was an airhead,
    but O! poor lizard
    why would you get deceived by those orange blizzards,
    now look what has happened to you
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    Where peaches have fallen from boughs laden low
    Annie counts fruit flies and honey does flow.
    At this lizard's picnic the flies are the meat
    And flies suck the peaches all tender and sweet.

    The sun stabs a shaft through the peach tree's green leaves
    A lizard leaps licking a fly, like the thieves
    That picked Annie's pocket, her honey jar gone
    There's no rest for fruit flies, in dreams on the lawn.
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    Oh little lizard you are so free
    Sometimes I wish that could be me
    Going to and fro in the sun
    So cold blooded yet so fun
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    In Annie's dreams where lizards leap, where eggs are green as ham.
    Where the egg becomes a caterpilar, and eats up all that am.
    Where I am what a yam with my eyes popped out,
    In Annie's dreams where lizards leap, and you had best not pout.
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    :bugeye:... :eek:...... :surprised

    I was thinking exactly the same thing the last night..... But then I thought I WILL screw this up if I put my hands on it! :biggrin:
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    Lying on strawberries pressed by her weight
    Annie counts lizards and ponders their fate.
    She's sticky with fruit juice, her jeans are stained red.
    More peaches keep dropping and burst on her head.

    She dreams she's a lizard afraid of a man.
    She scurries and zig zags, caught out with no plan.
    She leaps up the tree trunk and climbs toward the sky,
    A lovely escape: she turns into a fly.
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    There was a little lizard from Nantucket
    Whose tail was so short he could duck it
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    Beautiful Zshoe. :smile:
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    WOW this is so great!

    And flies into the night
    Upon the aethers of the air
    She knows no destiny
    She knows no fear
    When fate calls her name
    And the time of rest is near
    She will hide within herself
    In the place of her tears
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    c'mon drizzle :biggrin: just 1 line!
  18. Jun 19, 2011 #17
    Hmmm. I'm a chick poet. Who knew?
  19. Jun 19, 2011 #18
    and a good chick poet too....I wonder if that is better than being a chick magnet :confused:
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    Probably better than being a poet magnet.
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    I'm not sure, but I ponder, as I raise my pinky to the corner of my mouth, if I should use this new found mojo for good or.......eeeeevvilllll?

    Since 94.7865% of all poems are written by chicks, the difference between a chick magnet and a poet magnet is probably not significant.
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