The Little Prince

  1. Have any of you read it? It's beautiful, never thought such a small book would be my favourite.
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    I read it about 30 years ago. Yes it is quite beautiful and very meaningful.

    The book has been published in many languages. A very dear friend sent me a copy written in Bulgarian.

    One might find Paulo Coelho's book "The Fifth Mountain" equally compelling.

    From the Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery -

    de Saint-Exupery

    de Saint-Exupery

    But the time spent caring for someone is never time wasted, but time well spent.

    Also - - en français
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    I've read it. Liked several little parts of it.
  5. We had to read it in french class in hs. It was really good except eventually I just watched the movie (although strangely enough I can't remember it...). I like some of Antoine de St-Exupéry's other books my favorite is wind, sand and stars (but read it in english haha).
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