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The littlest skepchick

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    I have, at last, posted to my off-line blog. And I *know* you'll enjoy the story, so herewith a link. See The Littlest Skepchick.

    A teaser; a picture of de niece, who stars in de story. The large grin with insufficient teeth is crucial to the story.


    Cheers -- de uncle sylas
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    Doc Al

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    Great story, Sylas. :smile:
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    Thank you for sharing the smile, it was very beautiful, witty, and pleasantly written.
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    Great story!
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    Love it! :!!) :biggrin:
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    Me too, especially the last part about not spoiling the game for other children.
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    Beautiful :smile:

    Oh, that smile reminds me of something :biggrin:
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    Nice story. Good parents for letting her discover the truth. :smile:
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    That was delightful, glad you took the time to pen the story.
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    Great story sylas. I can only hope that when I have children they are inquisitive about things at such a young age like your neice. :smile:
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