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The Lord of The Rings

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    A few questions:

    1) Why Frodo had to leave?
    2) How can Sam defeat the big spider? Why not she spelled out the web to entangle him?
    3) How can the king-Aragon marry Arwen who is of different species?
    4) Why Frodo put on the ring at the brink of valcano while he actually had plenty of chances to do it during the journey.
    5) How can ghosts defeat the Orb ?
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    1). Frodo was just too spiritually wounded by his exposure to the evil of the ring to live in peace in Middle Earth. (Even though the ring is destroyed, Frodo is not free of it) . Only by traveling to the Undying Lands can this burden be lifted.

    2). Shelob doesn't use her web as an weapon. She can spin a web to make a trap to capture prey, or cucoon a prey that she has already spun, but neither of these are useful in the pitch of battle.

    3) Obviously, Elves and men can interbreed. (Elrond, Arwen's father, is himself only half-elf.) This ability to interbreed was granted by a higher power long before this story begins.

    4) Up until then, Frodo was able to resist the ring's siren song. As time went on his ability to resist weakened. Also, as the ring got closer to Mt. Doom
    its power increased. Just before Frodo was going to destroy the ring it made one last attempt to corrupt him, and with its increased strength, it finally overpowered Frodo.

    5) Rules of the game. The only way they could be released from their curse was to fight for the King. It would not have made sense for them not to be able to.
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    Tom Mattson

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    I think it also had something to do with the stab would he received from the Nazgul at Weathertop. At least, that seemed to me to be the purpose of him saying that it never fully healed, even after 4 years.
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    I think Frodo also said the ring was his at Mount Doom because before he could talk all he wanted about destroying the ring, but just couldn't bring himself to do it when he had the chance. Maybe he had in mind walking up to the mountain then chucking it in, but never thought what it would really be like to part with the ring.

    A bit like bragging about how you can go off the high dive when you've never done it before. Then when you try to do it, you find that you really can't.
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    The wizard Gandolf is human or elf ?
    The re-forged sword originally belonged to whom ? Aragon's father?
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    Gandalf is one of the Istari, sent by the Valar (those with power) to watch over Middle Earth. They are of a class of higher being which assumes human form.

    The Narsil orginally belonged to Elendil, Aragorn's ancestor, about 40 generations removed from Aragorn.
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    So does Frodo die? (I have read the books and there he survives). I haven't seen the film yet.. but I don't care if I get to know what happens.
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    No, he doesn't die in the movie.
    But I'll bet he dies some decades after.
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