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The major theorem

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    sorry but i dont have time to read your article, but i want to know how does your c. logic differ from our known logic tools?
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    Hi loop quantum gravity,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Complementary Logic is a fading transition between Boolean Logic (0 XOR 1) and Non-Boolean Logic (0 AND 1).

    Multiplication and addition are complementary concepts.

    Also multiplication is noncummotative (a*b not= b*a).

    Complementary Logic clearly distinguish between two types of infinity:

    1) Potential infinity.

    2) Actual infinity.

    Russell's paradox is naturally avoided.

    There is a general definition to the question: "What is a NUMBER?"

    More can be added to the above, so if you want to know more please read it in my website:



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    What if the x in the paper stands for "A Model"?

    Then a model of x is x itself.

    I'm just messing with you
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