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The mathematical front.

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    Where is the centre of mathematical breakthroughs nowadays? Long ago it was with the greeks, developed algebra in arabic countries etc.

    Where, if anywhere in particular, is the front of mathmatics now?
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    Such a question, cannot be answered, I think.
    We can answer: where WAS the front a few decades ago.
    Indentifying a real breakthroughs needs some time for the evaluation, otherwise it could be not more than fashion.

    Would you say today that Paris with Bourbaki was a breakthrough front?

    I am not mathematician, but I guess that Moscow was one of the most recent fronts in Mathematics, but not the only one.
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    I thought the people at Moscow State have solved every problem out there -- we're just waiting for the translations :wink: :smile:
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    Moscow State? That's in Idaho, isn't it?
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    I am not a mathematician but I take Arnold for the greatest I know.
    He is the A in KAM, from the KAM theorem ...
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    Ahhh... the sticky torus :wink:
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    the 4 fields medals in 2006 were given to tao, okounkov, perelman, and werner. the forst two of them are professors in the US, but okounkov got his phd in russia.

    werner is of french nationality was educated there and is a professor in orsay.

    perelman of course is russian and was educated there, but has also spent time in the US.

    it seems fair to say that mathematicians travel around a lot, and it is hard to identify a center.
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    With globalisation nowadays, several disciplines have became decentralized. However, if we are talking about institutes, the "mathematical front" is in the western world.
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    the maths is the web !
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