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The Matrix, eh?

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    So what's the deal with that? How can people act as efficient batteries?

    It seems like by the first law of thermodynamics, if you're just using the people to give off heat, you'd be better off killing them all and burning them, and then just burning any food you were going to feed them from then on

    I'm thinking that they'll realize that the premise their Kung-Fu vs Robots doesn't make any sense, and eventually they'll just say that the robots were hard-coded to be unable to destroy the human race, so have decided to just make the best of things

    Hey, wouldn't it make more sense to keep the matrix set in the middle ages or so, so as to make the people completely baffled by reality if they saw it? Because the average Joe or Jane today would see crazy metal things hovering around and think they're in some sort of crazy sci-fi world they could figure out, but the average Joseph or Janet from medieval England would just think he/she's in some sort of crazy Heaven/Hell/Purgatory, and be much more likely to be submissive
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    Watch the movie...

    80 years or so of energy or one burning of them? How is this more efficient? Also, once they die in the real world they are then fed to the living in the real world, burning them wouldn't allow for this process.

    For a time this wasn't enough, as the humans are now being grown, so the robots were able to destroy humans.

    When they are inside the 'real world' they cannot see...

    NEO: "Why do my eyes hurt?"
    MORPHEUS: "You've never used them before."


    so they don't see the "crazy metal things hovering around". It wouldn't make sense to have it set in the Middle Ages either, because how could we create AI so long ago??? Which is a main point of the movie.
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    Woah, woah, woah, reel yourself in there, d00d

    The movie never explained how people can be efficient batteries, as I recall. It just said they are

    There's a certain amount of chemical energy stored in the food they feed someone. You can liberate that energy in the form of heat by either feeding it to someone and letting them turn most of it into heat and a little bit into fat/muscle/whatever, or you can just burn it and get all of the energy out immediately

    If you have however many millions of people hooked up to the Matrix, you'd be getting enough energy that you'd be better off with a few power plants than a million people, since a power plant could put out anything from a megawatt to a gigawatt, whereas a person usually puts out about 70 watts of power.

    If you just had one person, it might be easier to keep him/her around than to make a 70 W fire that turns a turbine. If you had a million people, though, you'd be better off with a single 70 megawatt power plant, since it'd be easier to keep running and it wouldn't revolt against you

    You could grow whatever cheap crop you want if you were just burning the plants in an efficient engine, instead of having to grow some fancy stuff that'll provide people with whatever balanced diet they need


    The robots could obviously destroy everyone they have hooked up at any time, if they could get a better power source, UNLESS they were hard-wired to be unable to do so

    Once again: What?

    What the heck?

    Did you even think before you responded? Jesus, man

    If the Matrix's virtual reality is set so that everyone thinks they're in the middle ages, if someone happened to come across the real world, they'd be way more disoriented than they would if they'd been living in the age of sci-fi

    Do you understand?

    Sorry if I have a bit of a bad attitude, but damn, man, you oughtta give things a smidge of thought before you say them

    Unless you just aren't familiar with the laws of thermodynamics, in which case it's not as much your fault
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    Well thats just plain unAmerican. :wink:
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    Maybe you should take this advice from Mystery Science Theater 3000:

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    ha ha ha

    Yeah, I have to admit that the movie wasn't bad even though the premise didn't make much sense

    Although I dunno if I really like the way they kill so many people in cold blood.. man, it's so messed up that when they showed it on Fox, they took out the line where the security guard sees Neo's coat full of weapons and he says "Holy ****!", but they left in the part where Neo and the girl kill like a dozen guards for no good reason

    I don't know about you, but I'd rather my children see someone saying a word, no matter what word it is, than see the heroes of a movie killing people like that..
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    MORPHEUS: "The human body generates more bio- electricity than a 120-volt battery and over 25,000 B.T.U.'s of body heat."
    it then goes into slightly more detail of how it is done.

    It's still just a movie, it doesn't have to make logical sense, although, we don't know how machines operate. Perhaps burning wouldn't work because of the machines makeup and how they use energy?

    I'm not sure about your logic, if it would be better to keep one person alive as a battery then it would be to burn them, wouldn't it also hold that in larger proportions it would be more efficient to keep them? Also, how, if you burned them, would you keep the process going, the people, after they die, are fed to the living, so the process will never end? Why change a process that works also, wether one way would be more efficient, if it works how it is there is no need to change.

    Just a misunderstanding. Why would they destroy everything in the first place? If you have bugs in your crop do you destroy the whole crop to keep the bugs from ruining some of it?

    There is no reason for insulting, it won't help in future posts if you insult people who don't understand what you are saying.

    You made it appear as, why isn't the matrix MOVIE set in the middle ages, not simply the matrix [as a reality]. In the movie it is said that a man was put in the matrix to change it how he wants, he freed the first of them. There is no "stumbling" upon the matrix, you are freed and you realize.
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    KillaMarcilla, they didn't kill the guards for no reason. They were after Morpheus, who would have otherwise been killed by the Agents.
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    Tom Mattson

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    Yes, and only after he had given up the codes to get into Zion!
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    There is a given amount of energy on planet earth. There is no way to make energy appear. So what matters is how efficiently this energy can be harnessed. The human body transforms the potential energy in food plus oxygen to produce heat. That heat could be harnessed to turn turbines or perhaps absorbed in some other way, kind of like the photoelectric effect, to produce electricity etc.

    The question is, how efficient is that? I'm not entirely sure. However, burning food is essentially the same as burning coal, as we do. So, when you burn something, do you release more energy than the biological processes would? If not, than keep them as they are, reproducing etc.
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    Whoa! Hold on there, you mean to tell me that the Matrix wasn't a documentary?

    Well great, so now I've been wasting the past few weeks learning tossy old Kung Fu and getting beaten up when finding it's of negligeable use in a good old fashioned street fight for nothing!

    Well, at least I have my DeLorean still, unless someone wants to tell me that Back to the Future is a load of old rubbish as well.
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    You must believe!

    I believe the human body produces a 100W of heat and from what i recall from the movie they were not batteries. Our bodies give off heat which the machines converted to electrical energy from what i remember but anything is possible. I can recall when before Voltas death he had the knowledge to light every house in the us/world with his amazing electrical principles but unfortuately that died with him in 1826.

    So much one man posses its a shame all that knowledge died with him; life with AC would had been quite interesting i'd say.

    Dx :wink:
    BTW...I loved the movie and cant wait till M2
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    Tom Mattson

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    We're talking about the first Matrix, you silly goose.
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    You mean there's two of those movies?

    Thanks for the tip, I haven't seen that one either!
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    Since we lost track of the topic, has anybody read the original script? It is very different than the movie! I think if you are serious about the movie you should read the script, it fills in some not-so-important gaps.
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    Re: You mean there's two of those movies?

    Case in point.
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    Tom Mattson

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    It's 4 years old!
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    Time is relative. Don't you learn anything from your relativity classes?
  21. May 13, 2003 #20
    Re: Re: You mean there's two of those movies?

    I'll stay out of this thread and rely on my lack of memory so I won’t remember what’s supposed to happen when I watch it.

    I see it is four years old , good grief, I'm really behind the times !!
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