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The Matrix IV

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    Does anybody know if they are preparing already the fourth part?. I rewatched the trilogy recently, and it's clear that the end of the third one is opened for another part. The Oraculus says that Neo may come back some day from the city of the Machines.

    I have to tell you something;

    I am Neo.
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    It's been a while since I've seen the third movie, so I don't remember how it ends or sets up a plot for another movie, but I don't think they are planning to make a fourth one.
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    I certainly hope they aren't.
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    If you are as handsome as Keanu I have no problem with that!
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    I fully agree.

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    I seem to recall hearing somewhere that the Wachovski brothers never intended The Matrix to be anything more than a triilogy, so if a fourth one comes out I doubt they would be the ones behind it. Besides, I don't think there would be a point to a fourth one.
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    Oh I so hope there's a fourth.

    The plot will be thus:

    To us, the audience, it will be revealed that the 2nd and 3rd films were just a horrid trick played by the machines. We will exit into the real world, where there really only ever was The Matrix, and no moronic sequels were made.

    (Also, as a subplot, it will be revealed that Highlander 2 and Highlander 3 were never made either. "Thehre shouwld bie only wun!")
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    I love it! :rofl: :rofl: :approve:
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    The first Matrix was pretty decent, not the classic thta evreyone reckons though. 2nd and 3rd sucked big time.

    To be honest I don't rate the Wachowski Borthers at all.
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    Hey I think the films were really good, although I agree that the first one was the best. At the end of the third one, neo defeats the smiths getting into them and exploding from inside. But it doesn't seem that neo is dead, moreover he adopts a position of a cross, what makes me think about the fourth part: The Matrix Resurrection.

    I heard that the warchowsky (did I write it correctly?) brothers wanted to do a fourth one, but I think it was bull....it. In it, it seems that Sion and the city of the machines are only another level of the Matrix, what sounds good!.:rolleyes:
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    I hope not :uhh:
    1 was good, two was so bad that I didn't even bother to see 3
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    Well....I havn't watched them yet but I think they pretty much ended it on III

    Maybe a few prequels...
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    They already made the Animatrix, isn't that enough?
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    I think I am the only person on the planet that liked the second movie (other than the ending with Trinity getting brought back).

    I didn't really see any openings for a 4th movie at the end of the third. I thought it was buttoned up rather well. I guess I could see some B rated knock off that would try to spin off the original trilogy and try to continue it. Sort of like Galactica 1980 was for Battlestar Galactica.
  16. Aug 26, 2006 #15
    I'm pretty sure that one way or another the franchise is dead. It's amazing enough that Reeves pulled off one good flick in the trilogy. I've been worried to see A Scanner Darkly because he's in it even though it's one of my favourite PK Dick novels(or maybe more accurately because it's one of my favourites).
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