The meaning of time.

  1. If time is relative then what does it mean when they say the universe is 13.75 billion year old?
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  3. Drakkith

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    I believe the universe is 13.7 billion years old as per a clock on Earth. A clock at rest with respect to the CMB and away from any major gravitational sources would be SLIGHTLY faster. About 10 years faster by my estimate.
  4. Same as when we say "my car is 10 years old".
  5. Drakkith, are you suggesting, that there is absolute space-time FOR? More or less equal to CMB?
    (1 - sqrt(1 - (370/300000)^2)))*13.7*10^9
    10419 years according to me.
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  6. Drakkith

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    An absolute frame? No. But there is a frame that is at rest with respect to the CMB.
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