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The mechanism of YSZ

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    I wanted to know what is the exact mechanism of stabilizing Zirconia (cubic phase) by Yttria
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    Here is one proposal for the mechanism and is generally consistent with my understanding.

    Ref: Stefano Fabris, Anthony T. Paxton and Michael W. Finnis,
    A stabilization mechanism of zirconia based on oxygen vacancies only
    Acta Materialia, Volume 50, Issue 20, 3 December 2002, Pages 5171-5178

    The behavior the RE-sesquioxides in transitional metal oxides and actinide oxides is of interest.
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    Thanks a lot Astronuc
    you really helped me

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    please help to understand me why in the synthesis of stabilized Zirconia(YSZ, CSZ....etc ) by any solid state route or hydrothermal processing.......... high tempreature need for phase formation ?
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