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The methods of Pentium M to reduce power

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    The methods of Pentium M to reduce power
    1.Lower the no. of stages of pipeline
    Low no. of stages of pipeline can has low power cost.

    2.Divide L2 Cache into 4 pieces
    Intel cuts Pentium M's L2 Cache into 4 pieces, every piece of cache can be visited solely, the power cost of cache is positive relationship with the area of visiting cache, so this can reduce the cost of power in visiting Cache. Pentium M thus only cost 1/4 power to visit L2 cache.

    3.Enhanced StepSpeed tech
    Pentium M can auto to adjust the frequency and voltage neatly.
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    The second point is the reason why Turion64 is more waste in power than Pentium M. Turion 64 hasn't this feature.
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