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News The Middle East

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    Ever since Israel withdrew from south Lebanon it seems the media and indeed the general public have lost interest in the middle east there. What do we have to do to stop the fighting in this area? If we sort out Israel and Lebanon (Hesbolah) then we always have Israel and Palastein fighting. And then there are all the other Arab nations (im not being racist here, merely classifing those which are of high percentage arab population and government) which joined into the 7 day war down there before.

    I must state my position in that i believe the media here in Australia was far to biased when reporting upon that conflict, detailing all the attacks Israel led onto Lebanon, and showing all the Lebanese people protesting against the Israeli's for these attacks, yet the Hesbolah attacks on Israel went virtually unnoticed. Why did the people protest against Israel when (correct me if i am wrong, but this is my understanding) it was the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier by Hesbolah which began the conflict in the first place. Should not the people be protesting against the first act by Hesbolah? And why must this eternal circle of revenge continue?
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